We have tried two other alarm systems before this one. She is also hearing impaired.

Hello Mr. Ledoux. I am very optimistic about our daughter’s progress so far. She has been a chronic bedwetter…actually has never been dry at night for any length of time. She is nine years old, soon to be 10. She is also hearing impaired. We have tried two other alarm systems before this one. Neither of them have been successful. She is a deep sleeper and in combination with her hearing difficulties she has never been able to consistently wake up to get herself to the bathroom. I’ve stood in her room before with the other systems we’ve tried going off loud and she slept right through it. What I noticed from the very beginning with your system is that the vibrator makes all the difference. She is up and off that bed the second it starts. We have been using borrowed panties from her cousin for the past 9 days. Already we see progress, in fact the last three nights she has gotten herself up to pee before the alarm has gone off..in fact, I haven’t heard the alarm go off for the past two nights. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is it! Thank you for being so helpful to us. I am printing out a data sheet to use and hopefully soon we will have you look at her data and help us figure out where she is at. Again, thank you! Sincerely,