Seven years old autistic boy.

Dear Mr. Ledoux, I am the mother of a seven years old autistic boy. He was trained to go to the bathroom during the day; however, we could not train him to go to the bathroom at night. I spoke to my Social Worker at the CLSC about this issue. She quickly informed me that this is how it is with autistic children. She told me that many autistic children will never develop the reflex to go to the bathroom at night and that if my son would train himself, it would happen when he would be 12 or 13 years old. I discussed this issue with my son’s Psychologist who advised me that there were two options: medication or an alarm system. I decided to try your system. It took 32 days for my son to be trained with the Ledoux System. Thank you Mr. Ledoux for your dedication, service, follow up, efficiency and advice and also just empathizing with me as a parent. My son is happy!!! Mr. Ledoux, once again, thank you!